Santa Clara County local HF net

HF net at 20:30 hours local time on 80 meters, 3.878 MHz LSB

Darryl KI6LDM usually is net control:

HF nets are usually on 75m LOWER side band, frequency is 3.878MHz and if that frequency is in use, then drop down in 2KHz increments until you hear the net or you hit 3.854MHz. There have been times when we had to move up the band, so if you cannot find us, please do tune around the band if there is a lot of activity. If after 5 minutes you don’t hear the CARES HF net AND the initial frequency is in use, start to tune down (or up) by 2KHz. We have dropped down more than 2KHz in the past if the band has lots of activity or there is lots of QRM/QSB.
Don’t forget to tune up your antennas.

We will also do a signal strength check per each station who checks in to see how the band propagation is affecting us. Please feel free to reply with additional suggestions for the net.

See you all there!
Darryl -- KI6LDM

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