Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System (SVECS)
Net Control Script
Santa Clara County, California ARES/RACES
(last update 10-20-20)

SVECS Net Control Script in PDF format (click here)

10-20-18 update: Changed where to send net counts to Tim Howard KE6TIM from Michael Fox N6MEF.
8-2-20 update: Changed Don Steinbach's contact from phone number to email.
5-2-18 update: Changed DEC to Michael Fox N6MEF from Logan Zintsmaster KZ6O.
4-20-17 update: Added Loma Prieta
4-28-16 update: Changed DEC to Logan Zintsmaster KZ6O from Scott Morse KC6SKM.
1-6-16 update: South County counts listed as south Santa Clara County (Morgan Hill, Gilroy, etc) and San Benito County as a separate line item.
4-4-15 update: Clarified net count reports to Scott Morse.
7-15-14 update: Removed SEC until another appointed.
3-24-14 update: Changed SVECS contact from Le Henderson KB6MXH to Don Steinbach AE6PM.
6-5-13 update: Changed Santa Clara County RACES officials to ARES officials.
4-7-13 update: Forward net counts to Scott Morse (removed Larry Carr’s name)

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